The eating habits of Brazilian people.

The brazilian cuisine is a mixing of different ingredients from different continents: European, Indian, African. The Brazilian basic meal consists in rice, beans and meat. The most representative food internationally is the feijoada. The eating habits vary from state to state. 

In the northeast there is a great influence of the African cuisine, we can highlight the acarajé, vatapá and pepper sauce. In the North there is an indigenous influence, the people from the north of country eat manioc and fish a lot. In the Southeast there are various foods like the tropeiro bean and angu in Minas Gerais, and pizza in São Paulo. In South of the country there is a great influence of the Italian cuisine with foods like polenta, and a German influence too. The barbecue is typical from Rio Grande do Sul. 

Although the different characteristics in the eating habits of Brazilian people, a research shows that the feeding in the north is more appropriated than in the south, where the people eat more red meat, fat food and industrialized meals. Because of that, they have more problems with cholesterol diseases The north region is less affected by the fast and industrialized foods, they consume more roots, tubers, vegetables and fish, so they have a better nutrition.


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